All of Mid-South Dental’s policies are listed below. You are accepting all policies when you send us a case.

Remake & Warranty Policy

The cost of fabricating custom-made dental appliances cannot be refunded. A credit may be issued by Mid-South Dental Lab directly to a customer’s account when cases do not meet MSDL’s standards for quality, function, and aesthetics. Any credit balance
on an MSDL account must be used for lab services within 60 days from the date of issue, or it will expire.

*Immediate partials, dentures, and veneers are ineligible for remake credit.

Remake Policy

Eligible remakes will be done at no charge if received within 30 days of the invoice date.
Original model(s) and dental restoration(s) must be returned for credit consideration.
A new case will be billed if a remake is required due to any of the following:

  1. There is a shade or product change different from the original request
  2. Lab questioned die, margin, impression, or bite and was advised to complete case
  3. Lab requested a try-in, customer declined and asked for a completed case
  4. Abutment required reduction due to undercuts/clearance and/or the teeth were re-prepped
  5. The partial/ denture fits the master cast

Payment Policy

All accounts are payable within 15 days of the statement date.
Accounts not paid within the stated terms will be subject to a finance charge of 3% of the unpaid balance.
We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.
Automatic billing is available upon request with a signed form.

Rush Fee

A rush fee will automatically be applied to any case outside of our normal turnaround times.
Please be advised that the turnaround time is determined based off the day we receive the case in lab.
We cannot guarantee any unapproved rush cases.
Please call the lab for approval before sending.
Rush fees start at $50 and are subject to change depending on the case.