Comfort™ Hard/Soft Nightguard

At Mid-South Dental, we understand the importance of providing effective solutions for nighttime bruxism, and that’s why we’re proud to offer the Comfort H/S™ Nightguard. This classic nightguard offers a combination of comfort and durability to ensure your patients get the protection they need for a peaceful night’s sleep. Don’t let bruxism lead to long-lasting dental complications and discomfort in your patients. Choose the Comfort H/S™ Nightguard from Mid-South Dental to provide a tried-and-true solution that prioritizes both comfort and longevity. Help your patients enjoy restful nights and maintain their oral health with our top-quality nightguard.


  • Soft Inner Layer
  • Hard Outer Layer
  • Alleviates Bruxism Side Effects
  • Highly Comfortable