Our Story

The Jackson family’s legacy in the dental lab profession spans three generations, beginning with Gene Jackson and the late Ansel Jackson (1945-2015). In 1980, Roger Jackson embarked on his journey in the field, working as a removable technician alongside his uncles, Gene and Ansel, in Florence, South Carolina. After a few years, he relocated to middle Tennessee, securing an in-house removable technician position with a corporate dental office.

Roger dedicated two decades to this company, even introducing his son, David Jackson, to the profession during summer breaks. In 2006, Roger established his own dental lab. Upon David’s high school graduation, he joined his father full-time at the lab while pursuing dental ceramics studies at TN Technology Center in Nashville.

In 2010, David successfully completed his dental ceramics program at TTCN, earning a diploma. Later that year, they expanded their services to include crown and bridge, transforming their lab into a comprehensive dental service provider. Tragically, in August 2012, Roger was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and, regrettably, succumbed to the illness a few months later. In October 2012, David incorporated Mid-South Dental Lab and assumed full ownership, carrying on the Jackson family’s legacy in the industry.

Our Owner

In 2012, David Jackson, a Certified Dental Technician (CDT), founded Mid-South Dental Lab, a comprehensive dental service laboratory located in Brentwood, Tennessee. David carries on a cherished family tradition as a third-generation technician who was raised in the realm of removable dental labs. He completed his education at the Tennessee Technology Center in Nashville, earning a diploma specializing in dental ceramics.

David’s expertise and commitment to the field have led him to share his knowledge and insights. He has had the honor of delivering lectures at prominent events such as LMT Labday Chicago and for the dental lab associations in Alabama and West Virginia. Additionally, he actively engages with local lunch & learns, and study groups, further contributing to the dental community’s growth and expertise.