Experience outstanding aesthetics for anterior cosmetic cases with our porcelain-fused-to-zirconia (PFZ) restorations. Our skilled team meticulously crafts these crowns and bridges by expertly layering exquisite porcelain onto a robust, full-contour zirconia substructure. The inherent translucency of the zirconia substructure enhances the beauty of the porcelain, resulting in a restoration that appears remarkably natural.

When compared to porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) alternatives, our PFZ crowns offer numerous advantages. They provide a warmer appearance and an overall improved look, ensuring a smile that radiates natural beauty. Esthetic challenges such as discoloration or the presence of dark lines along the gingiva, often associated with PFMs, are expertly avoided with our PFZ restorations.

 Key Features:

  • Natural-Looking Appearance
  • Highly Durable & Long-Lasting
  • Superior Esthetics
  • Warmer Appearance