Full Denture

At Mid-South Dental, our dedicated team takes pride in crafting top-notch full dentures in our facility. Our skilled removable technicians employ cutting-edge techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and premium materials to create these full-arch prostheses. Our primary goal is to provide your patients with dentures that feel so natural they can confidently go about their lives without even noticing they’re wearing a prosthesis.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that every denture we produce offers an impeccable fit, unparalleled comfort, and secure suction, eliminating any concerns about slippage. We meticulously fabricate these dentures using high-quality denture acrylic and denture teeth, guaranteeing both lasting durability and exceptional esthetic appeal.


  • Lifelike Functionality
  • Exceptional Esthetics
  • Supreme Comfort
  • Unrivaled Suction